High Tech Coke Machine

Futuristic Coke Machine Sports An Intel Core i7 Processor Excerpt:

Intel revealed a futuristic Coke machine powered by the company’s Core i7 microprocessor, according to Venture Beat. The contraption looks like something straight out of a science fiction flick, complete with a large digital display, a high-definition camera, and Wi-Fi capabilities
Intel technology drives intelligent Coke machine Excerpt:
If you’re expecting to see rows of Coke bottles, as you would in an average vending machine, think again. The fascia of this machine is dominated by a massive 46in multi-touch screen, on which the user can view what’s available and swipe around to the type of Coke they’re after.
Comment: Created by SIA Interactive. My brother used to have a working vintage Coke machine in his bedroom (he worked for a vending company in the Summers while in college). It looked about like the image below.

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