The GM Futurliner

For sale: The GM Futurliner

Years ago GM had something called the Parade of Progress. It's final year was 1956 - not progress (thankfully) but the Parade of Progress. Only 12 were built.

I've seen a Futurliner twice:
  • Once in my childhood (I presume in Fort Wayne Indiana but it could have been somewhere in Michigan as we vacationed there every Summer). It might have been 1955 or 56. I would have been 6 (in 1955) or 7. Seeing it left an indelible impression on my young mind! The thing weighs 30 tons and is 12' tall.
  • Here's a list of Parade of Progress stops from the '50s. Possible places I might have seen it:
    1. Saginaw, MI, Aug 4, 1953 (close to my grandparents' house in Freeland MI)
    2. Flint, MI, Aug 12, 1953 (close to my grandparents' house in Freeland MI)
    3. Bedford, IN, May 26, 1955 (we used to camp at Spring Mill State park near there)
    4. I think it was either 1 or 2 because I remember my grandfather being there with us
  • The second time was outside a museum in Connecticut (our trip East 3 or 4 years ago)
Well now you can buy one! Link above. For a mere $795,000. Click through the photos. More on the FuturLiner:
Have any of my readers: ever heard of the Futurliner? Seen it?


  1. GM Futurliner No. 10 gains National Historic Vehicle Register status, finds home:

    Following an eight-year restoration, it's going on display at the National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States in Auburn, Indiana, and has earned its place in the National Historic Vehicle Register, with its documentation and photography to be cataloged with the Library of Congress.


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