Thankful for Two Legs

Last month as I was walking to work I ran into an acquaintance, Mr. K. Mr. K works at the same company where I work and even in IT.

Because IT at my company is so large (I think over 20,000 people) I don't work directly with Mr. K or even see him often. But we do park in the same parking garage. I was asking Mr. K about his handicap and whether his group was going to be relocating from their rented space in building A where we park to Building B where I work.

Building B is 2 blocks from Building A. Mr K said that if he had to move from Building A to B that he would have to "wheelchair it". I said, "you've lost a leg, right?". He said I've lost both of my legs (he has two prosthetic legs).

25 year years ago today I had an accident that injured my spine. I have spinal damage that impacts off of my limbs but particularly my legs and the left leg more so than the right.

My two block walk through the skyway is tiring, but I can make it without "wheelchairing it". I'm glad I have two legs.

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