ING Direct's Electric Orange checking account

Close up

Comment: I wish my Wells Fargo account had this feature. Ing's Electric Orange has a feature where you may enter a manual check into the online check registry. And if the check is not cashed in 90 days it automatically expires.


  1. I've been very happy with our ING online accounts (one savings and one checking). So much so that as soon as I can get things in order (automatic withdrawals and such), I'm getting rid of the TCF account I've had since I was 16 years old! TCF simply can't keep up with online services, and now that I've moved to another state they keep telling me I need to "close my account and re-open it within this state" to make things easier if anything ever goes wrong. Not sure why any of that really matters, but I'm going to make it easier and just close it.

  2. You know Capital One bought them: Capital One Buys ING Direct, Now What?. So INGDirect is going to get rebranded.

    The Bank Of Nova Scotia bought the Canadian side of INGDirect: Scotiabank Buys ING Direct

  3. I had missed that news. Thanks for the article - I hope they don't mess things up. I've been happy with Citibank as a credit card company, but didn't like their online checking options when we tried it while living overseas. So reading that CapitalOne isn't all that highly regarded as a credit card company doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence...


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