Who needs the "Yellow Pages"?

Publishers say yellow pages still relevant


Industry leaders assert that consumers use yellow pages at a higher rate than newspapers and radio for local business information. Shoppers who open yellow books intend to spend cash, they say, and businesses advertising in the national print yellow pages can expect a return of about 13-to-1, according to statistics from the nonprofit trade group Yellow Pages Association.

Yet even with some numbers in their favor, publishers acknowledge that often perception clouds reality, and many believe yellow books are going the way of newspapers. Their mission, publishers say, is to change that point of view.

Comment: I literally never use the yellow pages. I wish they would not deliver them to my door. I don't think I have used the yellow (or white) pages (printed editions) in 4-5 years. If you can't Google it, it ain't worth finding!

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  1. Is this why RHD stock goes down almost every day?


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