AZ: Simple immigration reform

New Arizona law pressures Latinos to move


The Republican-controlled Legislature and Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano approved the law last summer out of frustration with federal efforts to curb illegal immigration. It took effect Jan. 1.

The law suspends or revokes the business licenses of violators and was intended to reduce the economic incentive for immigrants to sneak across the border. Illegal immigrants account for an estimated one in 10 workers in Arizona, which is the nation's busiest gateway for illegal immigration.


  1. My opinion. There will always be illegal immigration as long as there is not a reason to stay and work in Mexico. The city is not coming to me, but this Mexican city, nobody leaves. Reason is a company has set shop there and it is(was, not sure anymore) booming. The people there all have decent jobs. So the only way to curb illegal immigration is to find the root problem and that root is, there is nothing in Mexico to keep them there. If we get their economy started, get jobs started, etc, then we will see a decrease in illegal immigration.

  2. The other way to fix illegal immigration is to declare it no longer illegal with the stroke of a pen. Something like this may happen as we move into the North American Union.


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