Florida ‘train wreck’ scenario

Sen. Bill Nelson paints Florida ‘train wreck’ scenario


Nelson sent a letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean Thursday asking the committee to either accept the Jan. 29 results of the primary election or pay for a redo of the elections, which could cost in the range of $20 million. He sent the letter after Dean did not return his telephone call Wednesday.

“If they go to the Democratic Convention and stiff-arm the Florida delegations, how in the world do you think Floridians are going to support the Democratic nominee on Nov. 4?” Nelson told reporters Thursday. “It’s in everybody’s interest to find a solution to this problem.”

However, earlier in the day, Dean said the party would not pay for any do-over.

“We can’t afford to do that,” Dean stated on CBS’s “Early Show.” “That’s not our problem. We need our money to win the presidential race.”

Newt from 2/14: Newt: the makings of a Democratic civil war

Comment: The Democrats = the party of disorganization! Fascinating! They made the rules, then broke their own rules and now can't figure out how to resolve it!

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