Ephesians 2:4, "The great conjunctive leap"

The great conjunctive leap

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  1. This was an excellent comment:

    If we had a corpse here tonight, and it had been dead for four or five days, and if we had known this person in life, but we knew now that he was utterly dead, that he had lost all ability to think, to react, to communicate, to move, or to live in any sense whatsoever, and if we had the power to lay hands on him so that he came to life again here and now — this would be heralded all over town within hours, wouldn’t it? We would be astonished at what a miracle had happened. And yet that is exactly what the apostle says occurs in the inner life of man when he passes from death to life, when he believes in Jesus Christ. That same dramatic, completely contrasting condition occurs within us. We are no longer dead when we believe. We are alive in Jesus Christ. A life has been imparted to us

    This is one of the proofs of the genuiness of Christ and Christianity. I have seen in my lifetime the incredible power that only being a born again Christian has. I've seen people who have a complete, absolute, 100% change of heart and direction in life when nothing else ever came close to helping them: drug treatment, alcohol treatment, etc. Turning to Jesus was the ONLY thing that ever worked. I've seen this in person and have heard of countless stories down through history of the same thing. Of course, not all people have a dramatic, life-changing, obvious outward change that is so obvious. But I have seen it happen.


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