Brits more 'Debt-Gorged' than Yanks!

Debt-Gorged British Start to Worry That the Party Is Ending


As the United States economy weakens, many Americans are being overwhelmed by personal debt, but Britons are even more profligate. For most of the last decade, consumers here went on a debt-financed spending spree that made them the most indebted rich nation in the world, racking up a record £1.4 trillion in debt ($2.8 trillion) — more than the country’s gross domestic product.

By comparison, personal debt in the United States is $13.8 trillion, including mortgage debt, slightly less than the country’s $14 trillion G.D.P.

And while the Federal Reserve in Washington has cut interest rates, in an effort to loosen lenders’ grip on credit, the Bank of England’s interest rate increases last year are trickling through to mortgages at the very time home values are dropping and banks are becoming more reluctant to lend.

Comment: Hard to believe another nation could be more addicted to debt than the U.S.!

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  1. Kinda puts the kibosh in the idea that Brits are going to foreclose on us, too, eh?


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