This will cheer you up!

“seated us with him in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 2:6)

Comment: To my readers. I take a break today from bleak economic news (gasoline prices, inflation, housing crisis, sinking dollar, etc) with the above link. Links over to a Charles Hodge quote that will cheer the heart of every believer!


  1. Thanks, JP. Your site has a wide variety of good stuff. It also happens to be the only site where I'll actually be somewhat serious sometimes and actually write a real comment. (As opposed to my schtick at other sites.) You and BM figured out my act, and once I'm found out it's no longer much fun. Now whenever I try I usually just get my comments deleted on other boards.......


    The Mystery Person

  2. I also like your site because even when you disagree with a me or another person (we might disagree on NAFTA, for example), you usually don't delete my comments and it helps keep me from going into the old comedian mode and actually engage in a real conversation. :)


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