Walking with crutches, I have this GIANT fear of falling. I've fallen so many times ... I cannot count. Last Summer I fell in our home and cracked my head.

Last night we had to walk about 4 blocks outside from the parking ramp to the Orpheum theater. Oh was it slippery. I took baby steps and walked as close to the side of the buildings (less snow) as I could. On top of the light snow last night there was some freezing rain. On the way out of the Orpheum, the pavement was like a rink. Additionally it was jammed with people exiting the theater. I was so scared of falling, that I told Kathee to go get the car and I would wait for her there. But she coaxed me to continue and we made it back to the garage safely!

So I am thanking the Lord today for His hand of safety!

Psalm 17:5, "Uphold my steps in Your paths, That my footsteps may not slip"


  1. Does anyone make studded crutch tips? I've been on crutches twice in my life, both times when it was snowy/icy. Glad to see that someone is thinking of your needs this way!

  2. Bert,

    You are the second person to ask me about this today.

    Fetterman has these (http://www.fetterman-crutches.com/accessories/icetips.html) ... I think I will look into them!

  3. That is really cool....I'm so glad that this guy figured out a way to make lemonade from the lemon that life gave him.

    I'd be interested to see those tips once you get 'em.

  4. I called them today about their "garage sale" to see if I could get an extra set of crutches on the cheap, but all are for short people.

    I will follow through on the tips.

    God bless


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