Fun stuff at work

My manager gifted me with some neat new tools.

  1. A CablesToGo KVM switch (photo)
  2. A Dell Optiplex GX620

I'm a little spoiled with PCs at work as I have a Thinkpad running XP and a HP 7700 running Vista.

In December and January I converted my company Intranet site from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. The old management tools (Enterprise Manager) would not work with SQL Server 2005 and when I tried to install the new 2005 tools (Management Studio), the install failed. I petitioned my manager to provide a new (it's not really new but it is servicable) PC just for Cold Fusion development. Last Friday I imaged the GX620 with XP. A co-worker did all the cableing. Today I installed Cold Fusion V 8, and the SQL Server 2005 Management Studio. I copied my local (development) website onto a thumbdrive ported it over to the GX620. All of this today took about 3 hours! But it is all done and it worked first time.

Next week I am going to reimage my ThinkPad with the latest XP image. I have another wiring project to complete as well. My cubical only has 2 data ports. Now the GX620 is connected via a 50' cable to a cubical adjacent to mine. Next week, 2 more data ports will be installed in my cubical. The KVM switch enables push button (think an old Chysler push button transmission!) switching between PCs. Very cool.

Thank you boss!


  1. KVM. Very nice. We have a setup at work so that we can image multiple PCs at the same time so we can do on-the-fly fixing rather than waiting for hardware support to get to us. Cleans up the work space. Looks like you got a newer model then the one we have.


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