I know one of them

U.S. says 82 youths have died in "choking game"

While I was a Pastor in Littleton, Colorado (1987-1996) a boy from Pueblo Colorado hung himself in this way. His family attended a small Baptist Church in Pueblo. The boy did not immediately die, but lived for several weeks in a brain-damaged state. Early on he was transported 120 miles North to Denver to a major hospital there. Because the family needed ongoing Pastoral care and because his own Pastor was unable to provide daily contact, I was asked to be the point person.

I remember my first visit to the boy's room. It was one of the most tragic scenes I have ever experienced. As I recollect the boy was but 15. His loving Mother and Sister were by his side.

I stayed with them in the room for a while and stood by the boy and put my hand on his head and prayed for him. The young mother and teenage girl and I went to the hospital coffee shop for a while and we chatted and prayed.

There was little hope for the young boy. He lived less then two weeks and was gone.

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