Questions about Universal Health Care

Questions about Universal Health Care ... that the Democrats will not answer!

Health Questions for the Candidates


  1. A question about young adults. They think of themselves as invincible and are not apt to buy insurance. Your "mandate" would force them to do so, and more than that, to pay the same premium as middle aged people whose health care needs generally are much greater. You defend the one-price rule as "shared responsibility," but isn't it an unjust, hidden tax on the younger generation? Today in Austin, Texas a 25-year-old man can buy a $1,000 deductible policy for $70, according to e-healthinsurance.com. A 55-year-old man pays $270 for the same policy. In nearly all states, young adults currently get price breaks, and for good reason. They need, on average, about $1,500 a year in health care. Your health plan bars insurers from giving these price breaks to the young.
  2. Texas lawmakers have made insurance less affordable by requiring that every plan include in vitro fertilization, acupuncture, marriage counseling and some 50 other features. This is like passing a law saying that the only car you're permitted to buy is a fully loaded luxury sedan. Would you allow Texans (and all of us who live in states with similarly costly insurance requirements) to shop for cheaper insurance outside our own state?


  1. Well said--one might also figure out that with universal care, chaste, fit, nonsmokers would end up subsidizing the health care of promiscuous, obese, smokers. The perverse incentives this would set up are astounding....

  2. You touched a raw nerve with the "obese" comment! :)

  3. Just don't call me "superannuated
    obese"! :)

  4. Well, as also overweight, but without the excuse of a spinal injury, I'm afraid I represent my own comments. :^)


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