Stanley Black & Decker

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Stanley Black & Decker manufactures tools and engineered security solutions across the globe. The company was formed after The Stanley Works acquired Black & Decker Corporation in the first quarter of fiscal 2010 -- Stanley's shareholders own around 50.5% of the combined company and Black & Decker shareholders own the rest. The company's top segment is its construction and do-it-yourself unit, accounting for some 50% of revenue. This segment manufactures and markets hand tools, consumer mechanic tools, storage systems, pneumatic tools and fasteners.

The secret to Stanley's long-term growth includes investing two-thirds of its capital in acquisitions and growth, and returning the other one-third to shareholders. As well, Stanley has a diversified customer base and a presence across the world.

As for the long-term growth, the company is looking to expand into emerging markets, creating a smart-tools market, and tapping opportunities in the offshore oil and gas pipeline market. These and other initiatives are expected to contribute $800 to $900 million of annualized revenue growth and $200 million in operating income over a three-year term -- the revenue breakdown is $150 million in 2013 and $350 million each in 2014 and 2015.
Comment: Top image source ... Ebay (search for antique Stanley tools). Why we are buying Stanley: 45 years of increased dividends, known for quality, housing industry improving, DIY'ers like their tools , strong brands


  1. The Fool: A Cheap Tool Manufacturer With Ambitious Growth

    Stanley Black & Decker is one of the leading manufacturers of hand and power tools, and has many well-known brands in its portfolio. Their business is broken into three segments, Construction & Do-it Yourself, Industrial Tools, and Security Solutions. Truly an international company, less than half of Stanley Black & Decker’s sales come from within the U.S.


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