Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

  • Day 2 without the wife (in Cincinnati for a bridal shower)
  • I woke up at 7:30
  • I had a diet Pepsi for breakfast
  • Did some financial stuff
  • And went out at 11 a.m.
  • I've heard about this place and it is all good. I was not disappointed. 
  • Parking: I went around the block (really long blocks because of one ways and do-not-turns) three times. Finally parked in front (near) of the W at a metered spot. With my handicapped placard, was free for 2 hours
  • I had the corned beef hash. Hell's Kitchen has home made peanut butter and I had that with my toast. 
  • The location is on the LL level .... elevator down
  • As one might expect there is a comic-book style "hell" motif. Not offensive and kind of fun
  • Staff very pleasant
  • A band called The Church of Cash (think Johnny Cash) was performing. 

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  1. Family friendly as well. We took my parents there with their foster child a year or so ago.


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