Ever heard of the "Hindenburg Omen"?

Is The Stock Market Headed for A “Hindenburg Omen” Disaster?


The “Hindenburg Omen” is a technical pattern that is said to foreshadow market crashes. When two out of four very specific technical events happen in a 36-day period, there’s an increase chance of a crash within the next 40 days, according to the theory. The four events are:

  1. The number of new 52-week highs and new 52-week lows are both more than 2.8% of advances and declines in the New York Stock Exchange.
  2. New 52-week highs are less than twice new 52-week lows.
  3. The 10-week moving average of the NYSE is higher than it was 50 trading days ago.
  4. The McClellan Oscillator (an indicator of whether a market is overbought or oversold) is down the same day. According to Krisnky, all four events happened on April 15, and again on Wednesday of last week.
Comment: See the WSJ "Chart of the Day". I'm a value investor not a technical trader.  But sounds like a Summer Hollywood blockbuster!

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