Dell Inspiron 910


  • Nothing irritates the wife like technology laying around doing nothing
  • Today's mini [pun] project was firing up the Dell mini 9 (aka Dell Inspiron 910)
  • Fears: Did I remember the logon name? Did I remember the password? What about the root password? I looked through notes ... no record of any of the above
  • But I did remember the logon and password ... and I foolishly (one should never do this) made the root password something very  simple that I have used elsewhere. 
  • All fired up. System updated. 
  • Only problem is the battery is dead dead dead
  • I checked the Dell site and they want $ 120 for a replacement
  • But I found one on Amazon for $ 24
  • I created a guest account (actually was there but it did not have a password set). So I set a new easily remembered (think street address) password for guest.
  • Wife will be happy
  • The Dell mini is the non-touch screen tablet. But it has a very nice keyboard.
  • It would help to have the hands of a 10 year old!


  1. Before the IPAD this was our travel computer. EZ way to check up on email at the hotel.

  2. Turns out that it runs without the battery (with the battery removed) ... but will not boot up without the battery).

  3. Review from 2011

    I'm thinking that it would be more usable with an USB attached keyboard an a VGA monitor. I may try

  4. My wife worked for several months from an HP 10" Netbook...I hated trying to use it even for the simplest tasks. The small keyboard and screen made it very difficult for me to use.

    I have enjoyed the new "Ultrabook" category. I had the Dell XPS 13 at my last employer and liked it quite a lot - it compared well to the MacBook Air. I currently use the HP Spectre (non touch-screen). It's nice, but lacks some of the finishing touches the Dell had.

  5. The keyboard is a challenge. I'm thinking that I would like to upgrade it to Ubuntuu 12 LTR ... and maybe give it to the 7 year old kid that just moved in next door.


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