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12 Steps to Downsizing Success
How to Downsize in Retirement: Checklist and Tips

Excerpt (from 1st article):

Almost everybody talks about downsizing, but not that many folks ever get around to it. But those that do go through the wrenching process of downsizing tend to be very glad they did it.

... Understand the target. In other words, what is the size of your new home, and what can it accommodate? Will your great-grandfather’s tall case clock fit under your new ceilings? Do you have more rooms of furniture now than will fit in your new home? Knowing the dimensions and capacities of your new home will give you a good idea of what you should be de-acquisitioning.
Comment: Image source. My target is approximately 1500 square feet. We currently have 4 bedrooms. We need to get rid of two bedroom sets. Also ultimately the very large desk in our den will needed to be divested. We have 2 eating areas: a large dinning room set that seats 6 with standard seating and has leaves. We want to keep this. We have an antique kitchen table that we will ultimately need to divest of (but it needs to stay in the family as it was my Grandmothers).  So far we have gotten rid of three couches. Also a large leather chair that was in our family room.

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  1. Good for you getting this done now. My family has sweated through the piles and piles of things left by my grandmother, my great aunt, and more. It's rough, but necessary.


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