Join Next Door Forster Preserve (Plymouth, MN)

NextDoor Forster Preserve

Comment: Today we sent out 69 letters of invitations - one to each home. Nathan hand addressed every envelope for us. I need to have 9 neighbors sign up in the next 15 days to make a go of this. (NextDoor validates addresses so this invite is only good for houses in Forster Preserve (Plymouth, MN))


  1. Interesting concept, but it seems that it might be hard to get it going. What do they offer that a private group on Facebook wouldn't? Besides the address verification, that is.

  2. It really is a lot like Facebook ... except as you note the address verification.

    So far only 2 neighbors have signed up .. out of 68 fliers mailed.

    It may be a bust. I'll let you know


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