Blood letting .... book sorting ... beef stroganoff

This phrase explains my day: Blood letting .... book sorting ... beef stroganoff

  • I gave blood at the Memorial Blood Center in Plymouth at 11:00 am. 
  • After lunch Kathee and I worked on our book sorting project *
  • Book sorting is a dirty job .... just out of the shower. Kathee is making beef stroganoff
* Book sorting project:
  • The theological book sort. Kathee packed 10 boxes of theology / religious books. All to be donated to a church NW of us. She has not completed the final count, but my estimate is 350+ books. What: commentaries, greek aids, Bibles, Greek New Testaments, dozens of old hymnals of various kids, plus more more more. I did keep a very small collection for myself
  • The sell to half priced books group. We need to do more work on this next week. Our son Nathan will help us with this
  • The keep list. Some theology books ... others too
  • The trash list: example: old computer books for products no longer current (MS-DOS v 5, Windows 3.1, etc), old high school yearbooks. I only kept my Senior year. All college year-books. We almost filled a 96 gallon garbage container.
  • Technology books: Linux, HTML, Linux utilities, CSS, et cetera, I haven't figured out what to do with these. Maybe to half-priced books
The larger project:
  • We are having our lower level completely re-carpeted the first week of June. This is approx. 1300 square feet. Includes 2 bedrooms and closets and the large family room where our pool table is. Next Friday the pool table is to be disassembled and moved into the back room
  • After carpeting we hope to continue clean out: back unfinished room. Et cetera
  • Long term I would like to be down to stuff to furnish a 1500-1700 sq ft condo (2015 or 2016)

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  1. Clean out on Saturday 5/25:
    * Trashed Britannica Junior (Kathee won as a kid in some sort of newspaper contest
    * Trashed a hardsided suitcase that had gotten wet when we had a pipe break a year ago. Inside was all moldy
    * Took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill
    * I found a bunch of zip drives in my desk. Trash
    * Trashed old towels and linens


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