Ford E Series Cargo Van

For my little project tomorrow, I rented a Ford E Series Cargo Van. A young friend Ben is coming by at 10:00 a.m. to carry book boxes up from downstairs to load into the van. To be delivered to Pastor Doug up in Otsego. 431 books / 13 boxes. If the weather were less uncertain I would have used my pickup but I don't want to deliver wet books. And not all of the boxes would have fit into one S-10 pickup load. Hence the van rental from Enterprise in Plymouth.


  • This thing is very hard for me to get into. We have a stool here at the house and I'll use that to aid ingress.
  • I thought I would pull it into the garage. I inched forward and made the wise decision to leave it out
  • Egress is a sliding leap of faith .... how far down? ... inch lower and lower .... "one small leap for man" ... "the Eagle has landed"
  • Inside ... completely bare bones.  
  • Brakes ... grabby
  • I will be glad to have my S-10 back tomorrow afternoon


  1. Pastor Doug is a fantastic guy. I love him dearly. Jim, I love you and thank you for all you mean to me, and I am sure Doug will appreciate the books. btw I need your email. meredithrj@comcast.net

  2. Books delivered. Van was a little scary to drive.

    Van rental = $ 71 plus $ 20 in gas.


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