A flash of white .... an burst of dust


This is in the category of something one doesn't see everyday. Kathee and I were returning from Lowes at about 3:30 to 3:45 p.m. today. We were driving West on Rockford Road (Co Road 9) approaching Vinewood Lane. A pickup truck crossed in front of me on Vinewood LN. I hypothesize that he was gunning it to beat the light because the light was green for me. His passing was the flash of white. Then there was an eruption of dust to my right. The truck had left the road and slammed into a stone wall on the Cornerstone Auto property. The impact flipped the truck 180 degrees.

Kathee called 911 with her cell phone. I pulled into the St Joseph church parking lot and then drove over to approximately the location of the picture above. Many people had pulled over to assist the driver. The truck was perched at an angle with the drivers side on the top of the stone wall (the stone wall is not pictured above ... it was installed after the Google street view photo was taken).

Those who came to the drivers aid were unable to get the doors open. Smoke began to fill the truck cab.

Quickly two fire trucks arrived then a handful of police cars. And then an ambulance.

A fireman pried open the passenger side door.

We stayed and watched the action for 15 or 20 minutes until finally the driver was extricated.

Interestingly, my Brother works at O'Reilly Auto Parts in the shopping center at that corner. He heard the crash and also called 911.

Unsure of the final outcome of the driver. We prayed for him. Hope he is ok.


  1. If I had been several seconds ahead, the guy would have broad-sided me.

    Got a further report from my brother. He was inside the store. A customer who had just left ran back in to report the accident and Roger called 911

  2. The police report should be reported at this link in a couple of weeks (perhaps by June 15th)


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