Experts on - "one stock, just for fun"

The Experts: How to Pick a 'Just for Fun' Stock

Multiple views .... here are two of the best:

My advice would be to buy Berkshire Hathaway stock and let Warren Buffett pick companies for you. (NYSE: BRK:A, BRK:B)

... If you were only to select a single stock, then you would want to select a company that was, by its business model, well diversified by type of business and by geography. There might be several companies that would meet that definition, but two that come to mind are Berkshire Hathaway and/or General Electric .
Comment: My own views:

  • It's best not to invest "for fun". Investing is serious stuff. Money can be lost and not regained.
  • If I could only buy one stock (not an ETF) I would probably pick Coke (KO). Why: A good consumer stock. People drink this stuff (I prefer Pepsi!)
  • Stocks aside I would pick PEY ... the ETF. Nice diversification!
  • If I were a beginning investor, I would use Sharebuilder and invest $ 300 per month using their Automatic Investing at ShareBuilder . This is how we got started. 

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