Windows 8 behind PC slowdown?

IDC: Global PC Shipments Drop 13.9% in First Quarter


IDC said that Windows 8 hasn't only failed to spur more PC demand but has actually exacerbated the slowdown—confusing consumers with features that don't excel in a tablet mode and compromise the traditional PC experience.

"The reaction to Windows 8 is real," said Jay Chou, an IDC analyst.

Business customers are also keeping their distance from Windows 8, Mr. Chou noted, saying that companies that used to buy new PCs every three years before the recession have pushed out their PC purchases to every four or five years.
Comment: Our company is skipping Windows 8 except for a limited number of high profile Execs who want "The Surface". My sister and I just purchased an HP Windows 8 laptop for Mom and I did the setup for her. I was impressed with Windows 8. Plus there is a tile that takes one to the Windows 7 style desktop.


  1. We bought her an HP laptop. No touchscreen. 4 gig of memory .... 420 MB HD. At Wal-Mart for $ 298.

  2. It's hard to beat a laptop for less than $300.

    My boss (IT Director) recently bought a Lenovo X-series laptop/tablet machine with Windows 8 - it's the only Win8 device here so far. He enjoys it, and uses the touchscreen quite a lot in meetings.

    I was given my choice of laptop when starting here in January; I didn't feel like trying Windows 8 yet and went with the HP Spectre ultrabook. I like it, but not quite as much as the Dell XPS 13 I had at my last place of employment.


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