Cape Cod trip

We returned yesterday from our long-planned trip to Cape Cod. Trip details:

  • Friday - April 12th
    • We flew Sun Country to Boston's Logan airport. I splurged and we flew 1st class. 
    • My sister flew in from Dallas and met Kathee and me at the Hertz rental location
    • We had a brand new (only had 32 mlles on it!) GMC Acadia rented. We would put 800 miles on it that week
    • We arrived to a cold heavy rain and it rained all of Friday
    • We drove to Brewster, Massachusetts and checked into ...
    • The Brewster Green resort. We stayed in a 2 bedroom condo for the week.
    • We had a late lunch at the Brewster Fish House 
    • Nancy and Kathee shopped at Shaw's in Orleans and picked up food for the week.
  • Saturday - April 13th
  • Sunday - April 14th
    • We visited Chatham. The girls shopped and I took a nap in the car.
    • Later we visited my sister-in-law's family in Eastham
  • Monday - April 15th
  • Tuesday - April 16th
  • Wednesday - April 17th
  • Thursday - April 18th
    • We drove back to Woods Hole and took the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard. This is a 45 min boat ride
    • We took the Island Home outbound and Gay Head inbound
    • We explored every corner of the island. The picture below is near the Western-most point - known as Gay Head
    • We had lunch at the Offshore Ale Company
  • Friday - April 19th
    • Friday was our travel day home. The day was surreal in that Boston was shut down associated with the bombing manhunt.
    • We awoke at 5:50 and left Brewster by 6:20 a.m.
    • Route 6 was lightly traveled and I drove at nearly 70 mph. Half a dozen or more times police cars whizzed by me at perhaps more than 100 mph.
    • Similarly Hwy 3 to Boston was lightly traveled. More police cars.
    • We listened to CNN on SiriusXM and heard that this town and the next were on lockdown. Businesses were closed and mass transit was shutdown. We did not know if Logan would be open or not
    • We arrived at the Hertz drop off site at about 8:30. A Hertz representative drove us, in our rented vehicle, directly to the American Airline terminal (Nancy) and to Sun Country.
    • The large terminal with approximately 100 stations for various airlines was nearly empty. I don't think there were more than a dozen people. There were three DHS armed guards patrolling. 
    • Kathee found a breakfast spot - the Dine Boston Bar & Grille and we each had a bagel, egg and ham sandwich and coffee
    • Our Sun Country return flight was a bit late arriving because of winter weather in Minneapolis.
    • We were glad to board and had a good flight back
    • Plymouth had received 6 or 7 inches of snow but a service had plowed our driveway for us
Other on the trip:
  • Most mornings Nancy and Kathee walked a bit before breakfast
  • We ate breakfast every morning in the condo
  • Everyday we had a main meal out
  • Evenings we had cold-cuts and snacks back at the condo
  • We celebrated Kathee's 62nd birthday on Thursday
  • I bought half a dozen Dunken Donuts for us to enjoy
  • Most nights we read a chapter from Luke
  • And 5 nights we played three-player hearts. Winner: Jim (3 games). 2nd Nancy (2 games). 3rd Kathee with 1 game

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  1. Loved looking at all these pix. You certainly made the most of every day. So glad you could meet my family in Eastham. Your recounting of events surrounding the flight home is surreal since route 3 north to Boston is normally a parking lot and Logan airport is always bristling with activity. Glad you made it home safe. The heart of the country goes out to Boston, MA at this time, indeed, hearts from around the world.



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