German owner may completely rebrand Caribou as Peet's

Some Caribou shops closing, rebranding as Peet's Coffee

Caribou Coffee operations in Ohio and North Carolina appear to be switching their brand names to Peet’s Coffee & Tea, a switch that may signal the end of the Caribou brand only months after German conglomerate Joh. A. Benckiser Group bought both companies. Officials of Brooklyn Center-based Caribou could not be reached Monday morning, but several news outlets in Ohio are reporting that the more than 30 Caribou stores in the state are either switching their names to Peet’s or closing. Caribou has about 600 locations in several states. Forbes magazine speculated in December that a merger of the Caribou and Peet’s brands might be likely, noting that Caribou’s locations were mostly in the Midwest and East and Peet’s were in the West. “To German bean-counters, it may simply not make sense in the long run to maintain two headquarters staffs and facilities for such similar businesses,” Forbes wrote
Comment: It would be nice to have a place "where everyone knows my name"


  1. One of the biggest hits I've seen on Caribou is something I like about them; the northwoods lodge style they use costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per store to build, I'm told. I wonder whether they're gutting that in favor of a Peet's style, or does Peet's work in the lodge setting?

    Of course, as the patriarch of a large family, I'd love to see slightly less bulky furniture in there so we could seat a few more people when we go! :^)

  2. We've been in a Peet's ... San Fran trip several years ago. I can't say it was any nicer than a Caribou. I like the Caribou interiors .. a nice Minnesota feel.

  3. I wonder if the re branding would be more focused outside of MN. It seems that in-state, Caribou is a viable competitor to Starbucks, but that isn't as much the case outside Minnesota. Here in the greater Chicago area there are only a couple Caribou locations anywhere close to our house - and there are three Starbucks closer than the closest Caribou. It's pretty clear that Caribou is a MN favorite, but it's not nearly as well known here.

    The decor doesn't make as much sense here either. :)

  4. I had really really really wanted to buy Peet's stock before it was bought out and went private. Never did. Listed as PEET

    I buy Kathee Peet's Tea every Christmas

  5. I sent this article to my wife today - apparently she just heard last week that two of the three closest Caribou locations to us are closing. Both "A" and "C" on this map.

    I'm disappointed - I hardly ever buy coffee, but liked their product much better than alternatives.

  6. Tobin; maybe a gangster theme down there? (I grew up in NW Indiana)

  7. Crime scene tape would make for great decor! :)

    Looks like they're pulling out altogether.

  8. I heard they are rebranding it in honor of one of the best Caribou baristas in history!

  9. @Rachel ... they will have a shrine for you in every shop + name a drink after you


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