An unlimited open wallet for college?

In Applying to College, Is Cost a Factor?


My husband, John, and I, however, are trying to decide whether to include a criterion that's a bit more concrete: "What will it cost?"

... And yet, John is adamant about whether cost should play a part in the college-selection process: We should not veto any of Jamie's choices, he says. Certainly not at this stage and probably not ever.

"She should not limit herself," he says. "Her primary focus needs to be on what she's interested in studying."

John's stance is all the more surprising because he intends to have us foot the entire bill for all four girls' education—including graduate school. He wants to make sure they get through college debt-free, and he's willing to tap into our retirement account if needed.
Comment: Glad all of this is behind us. 2 kids paid way through college. One of those going to MIT for MBA starting in August. 3rd kid (who is the 1st kid) is about to graduate finally with Bachelor's this Summer. The reality is (Econ 101) is that cost is a factor in any decision that involves finances!

  • 1st graduate was 3rd child. Paid way through college as barista. Off to MIT in August
  • 2nd graduate was 2nd child. Paid way through college working and GI Bill. Graduated last May from U of Minnesota

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