I used to think shredding was fun - cleaning out the desk

Today is a big clean out day at our house:
  • In prep for a new carpet installation on our lower level (in two weeks) we are doing major clean out
  • This week upcoming the pool table will be disassembled and moved into the back (unfinished) room The new carpeting is to be done on May 9th and 10th
  • Pool table to be reassembled and reinstalled on May 17th
  • Meanwhile: Closets to be cleaned out ... books to be taken off shelves ... et cetera
  • Today Nathan picked up 2 couches from the lower level.
  • Roger and Kathee are cleaning out closets
  • And I have been cleaning out the desk in the den.
  • I've shredded so much stuff that the shredder jammed multiple times ... the shredder bin filled up ... and finally the shredder overheated and gave up the ghost. Later after a cool-down period it was able to run again
  • But my new shredder strategy is to put documents into plastic bags and take them to an office supply store where they shred by the pound
  • Found stuff
    • Statements ... statements ... statements ... (I wish I had chosen the paperless (PDF stored at Wells Fargo) option earlier) (credit card statements, stock statements, checking account statements, mortgage statements ... etc)
    • Mortgage documents galore (multiple refinances). Saved only the last one)
    • Old credit reports
    • Funniest: in the file with stock purchase statements ... a medical statement ... "your pap smear came back normal" (guess that was misfiled!)
    • Letters from Roger from when he was in Iraq - I saved all
    • Taxes ... taxes ... taxes ... I saved last 7 years. All others going to shredder
    • Purchase receipts galore ... to the shredder
    • Work stuff ... all to the shredder
    • Windows XP install disk! ... trash
  • Trips
    • Pickup truck (Nathan). 2 couches to his house .. two of his old couches to Goodwill)
    • Kathee to Goodwill
    • Me to UPS store (for shredding)
    • Roger to military surplus store ... donation of old USMC uniforms (he is former USMC ... now with MN Army National Guard)


  1. Missed deadline for closing of UPS store ... will have to wait. K thinks we have 30 lbs of paperwork to be shredded.

    Roger's uniforms to CC Military Surplus

  2. Sounds like fun - I had to do much of that when we moved overseas on 2005. I realized there was no way I wanted to shred all of that, and used the fire pit at my parent's house instead.

    I've been making a concerted effort the last few years to keep everything electronic instead. Everything gets scanned, and we backup our home computer to the cloud using CrashPlan.

  3. Found yesterday: Set of keys for Saturn (long gone) and owner's manual for Impala (ditto)


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