Charlotte trip - many good Samaritans

I just returned from a four day Charlotte trip. I had quite a bit of apprehension about this for a couple of reasons - but mainly because I have not traveled alone for about 5 years. Traveling with a handicap is hard for me. For the vast majority of our travel, Kathee is with me and does all the hard work of moving bags, carrying bags, etc. I prayed about this trip very much and the Lord put many people in my way to help me.

Where I went: The Wachovia CIC. First mistake ... it is called the "C" "I" "C" not the "Sick". This facility is very massive and impressive. Check out the satellite view.

How the Lord put very kind people in my way to help me:
  • At the MSP security screening, a Delta employee saw that I was running out of gas (I had stood outside for 20 min checking my bag) and she moved me to the front of the security line
  • When I boarded the plan, the Delta stewardess gave me a seat in the first row of coach
  • At the Charlotte airport, a security guard carried my bag from the baggage carousel out to the Hertz bus
  • Hertz always provides great customer service and this trip was no exception. Bag carried from the van to the desk. Agent brought car to right up to me, etc!
  • At the Marriott Residence Inn, staff carried my bag to my room
  • My coworkers were gracious beyond expectations. I was meeting them for the first time and they are lovely people.
  • On election night, I was watching the returns in my hotel room. I was just lounging in my bathroom on an upholstered chair. Along the way I wanted a pop (they don't call soft drinks "pop" in Charlotte ... it's "soda" - more info on this! ). I called the front desk and asked them to bring me a Pepsi. Mandy, the Marriott employee brought one down to me.
  • Today I returned and again had excellent service. Eric the Marriott manager brought my bag from my room to the rental car
  • Frank at Hertz drove me to the airport and placed my bag by curbside check-in
  • Delta staff moved me from row 16 to row 10 of coach (the first row of coach!)
  • When I was leaving the plane, a man helped me to get my back pack on my shoulders
  • At baggage claim, a young man took my bag from the luggage carousel to the exit door. (I had to pause there and call my limo service). I offered this young man $ 2. but he refused. Another young man brought my bag from the terminal exit out the curb
  • All these good Samaritans helped me along the way!


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