9 races still in play

Republicans Poised to Widen Gains in House as Nine Races Remain Undecided


Republicans may expand the majority in the U.S. House they won in the Nov. 2 election by picking up seats among nine Democratic-held districts where the results remain too close to call.

Over the weekend, the re-election of Representative Tim Bishop, a four-term Democrat from New York’s Long Island, was thrown into doubt after a fresh count of ballots, according to Republican challenger Randy Altschuler. Eight other contests for Democratic-held seats also haven’t been decided, with just hundreds of votes separating the candidates in some races, according to the Associated Press.

“It’s expected that Republicans will hold on and pick up a total of 63 or 64 seats, though recounts can occasionally produce a surprise,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

Republicans gained at least 60 seats in the House that will be installed in January, the biggest swing in the party’s favor since 1938. Republicans also picked up six seats in the Senate, trimming the Democrats’ control in that chamber to 53-47.

Comment: All are currently Democratic seats so any Republican win would be a pickup

  1. Kentucky District 6 (Democrat in lead)
  2. New York District 1 (Democrat in lead)
  3. Washington District 2 (Democrat in lead)
  4. California District 11 (Democrat in lead)
  5. California District 20 (Republican in lead)
  6. Texas District 27 (Republican in lead)
  7. Illinois District 8 (Republican in lead)
  8. Virginia District 11 (Democrat in lead)
  9. New York District 25 (Republican in lead)

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