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The PC Counterrevolution - All that freedom has created chaos


We're now three decades into the personal-computer revolution, and you'd think that by this point these devices would be as easy to operate as a toaster. Yet think about how much trouble it is to use a PC: the weird freezes and glitches and crashes, the shutting down and waiting for the thing to boot back up, the hassles connecting to printers and networks. It's nuts.

Pity the poor folks who work in corporate IT departments, managing hundreds or even thousands of these flaky devices across a company. Keeping a fleet of PCs updated and running smoothly is a chore. And in addition to the official applications that the company distributes to its employees, there are loads of other little programs that people have downloaded on their own. "Some companies have 5,000 or 10,000 applications in their environment," says Gavriella Schuster, general manager of Windows products at Microsoft.

Comment: Article continues on the topic of desktop virtualization. My company has a pilot of VDI.

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