GM vs Toyota labor costs

Comment: Below is a link from NPS that compares GM to Toyota. The data is not current (c 2005), but highlights one of the real issues with GM - the high cost of labor.

NPR: GM vs. Toyota: By the Numbers


Profitability per Vehicle

GM: Loses $2,331 per vehicle
Toyota: Makes $1,488 per vehicle

Production Time per Vehicle

GM: 34.3 hours, 2.5% improvement since 2003
Toyota: 27.9 hours, 5.5% improvement since 2003

Average Hourly Salary for Non-Skilled, Assembly Line Worker

GM: $31.35/hour (NOTE: Includes idle workers still on payroll.)
Toyota: $27/hour (NOTE: Includes year-end bonus.)

Average Labor Cost per U.S. Hourly Worker

GM: $73.73
Toyota: $48

Comment: Unless GM (and Ford and Chrysler) AND the U.A.W. deal with labor costs, no amount of bailout money will help them.

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