What Romney should do

On the eve of CPAC, this is what Romney should do:

  1. He should look himself in the mirror and know that it is improbable he will win the GOP nomination this time. Remember when Reagan challenged President Ford for the 1976 GOP nomination? It wasn't Reagan's year. Four years later it would be!
  2. Politics is about compromise. Some conservatives are legitimately skeptical of John McCain because of:

    1. McCain–Feingold
    2. His controversial immigration reform plan
    3. His vote against the Bush tax cut
    4. His brief flirtation with being Kerry's running mate
    5. His sometimes combative style in dealing with his peers

  3. Now is that time for Republican party unity. We can either have a united party and go against Obama / Hillary, or continue to burn resources and provide fodder for the Democrats.
  4. Romney needs to realize that some conservatives are skeptical of him. I think he would be a good President, but I would like to see a longer track record. His Massachusetts Romney-care is NOT a conservatives approach to health care!
  5. Romney needs to realize that his cost per delegate from his own wealth is an ineffective use of his own resources.

If Romney wants to be the true heir of Reagan's legacy, he should consider 1976!

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