Berkeley caves to USMC

Berkeley City Council moderates anti-Marine position


In a 7-to-2 vote, the council said it would no longer send a letter to the local Marine Corps Recruiting Station and Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway saying recruiters aren't welcome in Berkeley.

Instead, the city is now simply stating it's opposed to the war and the billions spent on it. However, "we recognize the recruiter's right to locate in our city and the right of others to protest or support their presence," the council said.

The council also said it supports and respects the men and women of the armed forces.

Comment: They caved because of the fear of losing federal $$.

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  1. Could revocation of citizenship be immediately tendered the City Council members and their followers, one wonders which nation might most enjoy their vigorous expression of patriotism? But hey, principle or principal? Easy choice after all, huh, Berkeley?


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