The "Big Switch" to "Cloud Computing"

Facing Free Software, Microsoft Looks to Yahoo


Now comes a new rallying cry: software wants to be free. Or, as the tech insiders say, it wants to be “zero dollar.”

A growing number of consumers are paying just that — nothing. This is the Internet’s latest phase: people using freely distributed applications, from e-mail and word processing programs to spreadsheets, games and financial management tools. They run on distant, massive and shared data centers, and users of the services pay with their attention to ads, not cash.

While such services have been emerging for years, their rapid adoption has been an important but largely overlooked driver of the $44.6 billion hostile bid that Microsoft made to take over Yahoo this week.

That proposed deal would give Microsoft access to Yahoo’s vast news, information, search and advertising network — and the ability to compete more squarely with Google.

But a merger would also allow Microsoft to adapt its empire to compete in a world of low-cost Internet-centered software.

Yahoo’s huge user base could provide the audience and the infrastructure for Microsoft to change how it distributes its products and charges for them.

Comment: I doubt that corporate american will adopt "cloud computing" in my career life. Every workstation at ________ (where I work) has Office Professional. For my personal life, I am aiming for "cloud computing". Although just this week I upgraded Kathee and my MacBooks to Office 2008.

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  1. First of all let me precursor with 'all the following is IMHO'.

    I have been developing software, applications and databases since 1984. I have witnessed and participated in every mainstream innovation on the PC since DOS 2.11.

    A lot has changed over the years and there is one and always one compelling thread that I have seen repeated over the years.

    If 'x' solutions perform identical or superior functionality and results the one with the lower cost will win. Cloud computing will live or die by this aphorism.

    I believe it will win in spades; it will just take a few years to take hold and then watchout. If you are employed managing Windows PC hardware you better start adding some new skills to your resume.


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