Trump: "is a bridge too far" - Ian Bremmer

Comment: A very flawed candidate. The GOP should have done better. Image source Ian Bremmer (I follow him on Twitter)


  1. JP, so did you get up today and vote for the Legalize Marijuana Now party? Or did you waste your vote in some other way by writing in some silly name?

    I think it was hard for the GOP to do much better than Trump. If we start looking for a perfect candidate (in a political candidate, a husband, a wife, a pastor, etc.) we well always be disappointed. Trump was far and above the best candidate from the GOP, not even close. You and I may differ in that I am a conservative, therefore I don't have a problem with a conservative candidate like Trump and am not a fan of Rockefeller Republicans, which are nothing but Rhinos.

    By the way, the war on drugs is a fraud and a failure, so I don't have a huge problem with legalizing marijuana. But it's silly to just focus on this issue alone and make it the sole point of your party.

  2. JP, even though you are a liberal, I still like you. Yes, I'm very disappointed in you and in that sharper site. Makes me glad I'm not a member there! I would imagine we probably agree on many spiritual issues, which are of course more important than temporal things. (Not to completely downplay the temporal, because it does have it's place.) I'm also disappointed in that Mr. Bubba guy in that he seems to be a Rhino as well. Oh well. I do appreciate that you allow comments from those who disagree with you.

    1. JP, I was having a bit of fun with you when I asked if you were a member of the CIA yesterday because of your anti-Trump campaign. (I don't think you are, are you?) It seems like the only two people here are you and me and sometimes that Mr. Bubba guy, so I don't think my comments matter too much anyway. I do enjoy your site (just not the political stuff) and I bet in real life you and Mr. Bubba are fine gentleman.

    2. Thank you for commenting on my site. I really really appreciate you and your comments. I am NOT a liberal. How I voted

  3. JP, that's where you and I differ. I think Trump was the only candidate even close to conservative from the whole lot of GOP candidates there at the start. Your definition of conservatism and mine are different. I am not a fan of globalism - which is not conservatism. Trump is an outspoken opponent of globalism and is actually for nationalism. Contrary to what the media and the Rhino's tell you, being nationalistic is actually a good policy and there is nothing inherently redneck or racist about actually wanting the country you live in to prosper and not be part of a world government. When I say "conservative," I mean the old-fashioned kind of conservatism of years gone by, not the globalist, anti-American conservatism of Rhino politicians. Free trade is good, but not at the expense at being subjected to trade treaties that help to destroy America and subject it to world government rule.

    That is just one example of what I mean by historically conservative vs. the definition used by rhino Republicans. I didn't consider any of the GOP candidates even close to conservative, other then Trump. Carson was in the ball park, but he was gone early and never even close.

    You and I would agree on some things, but our definition of what or what is not "conservative" would differ. I still like you, but just think that you are grossly in error by not supporting Trump. I didn't go to Liberty, but if I were a college student these days, I would be totally enamored with the place for their correct political thinking, as shown in their leader.

    I know you and I agree on a lot of things, JP, and I don't want to get personal, so that's why as of late I enjoy more of the non-political things on your site instead. :) You're still a good guy and I like you. You're just messed up in your political views.


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