The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency in 2000

The All-Seeing Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency in 2000


  1. They also predicted 9/11 and Prince's death (probably he was murdered, but it's not conclusive).

  2. JP, like you and the people at SI, I was almost against Trump for the same reasons: he was put into place by the Illuminati and is nothing but a plant. I saw that episode months ago, before we was the front runner. But you have to wonder, did they PUT him into place, or just know it would happen and simply predicted it? He is so hated by virtually everyone that I like to think he was simply predicted to win and was not put in place by them. Even if he is or was their chosen candidate, I would like to think that he has gone off script and is now his own man and has decided to play by his own rules instead of being their puppet. This is why I am for him.


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