FreightCar America (RAIL), my Small-Cap bet

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FreightCar America (RAIL) FreightCar America has been on my radar for months, and the stock fell nearly 4% on Friday. RAIL is a so-called "double-net" stock, meaning that it trades at between 1x and 2x net current asset value. The stock is down about 25% year to date, but has been hanging tough since announcing poor second-quarter results early last month. FreightCar America currently trades at 1.2x net current asset value, but another 10% hit to its price would put the stock below NCAV. Nonetheless, RAIL currently yields 2.6% and ended its latest quarter with no debt and $78.5 million in cash (or $6.40 a share).
Comment: In with 34 shares so far. Images: Homepage, Stock quote, Dividend history


  1. JP, it will be interesting to see how this one rides out (no pun intended). With the Baltic Dry Index on a low as of recent history, it seems as if there is less freight to ship, so it will be interesting to see how the railroad industry does.

  2. When and if Deutsche Bank goes, then the market as a whole will go down with it.

  3. JP, your site is starting to be fun again. :) I love you man, but you and I disagree 100% in our presidential views. I am voting for Trump, and enthusiastically so. The anti-Trump stuff turns me off. (But that's ok, it's your site and it's your right to run it as you wish.) It's nice to get back to other topics where we agree on or are just generally interesting. I imagine you'll have more anti-Trump stuff in the future, so I'll probably just bow out of those conversations.


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