What is the Alt-Right?

Three links
Comment: What is the Alt-Right? I'm not sure if I know. And I'm not sure if these links accurately reflect the Alt-Right! I can say that any philosophy that is racist & anti-semitic is NOT Jim Peet!


  1. Jim, the alt-right and Trump have absolutely nothing to do with "racism" or "white supremacy." Jim, you're smart guy, so I don't know why you seem to fall for this obvious leftist propaganda that the alt-right is even remotely associated with anything racist.

    You want to talk about racist, what about Mr. Rogers? That guy in the old days used to be all-inclusive and talk about how "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Why did he all of a sudden change his views and start singing "It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood"? What, only HIS neighborhood is nice. What kind of bizarre attitude is this! I think it's time you start questioning this new direction of Mr. Rogers instead of the alt-right.

  2. Jim, that's just a bizarre article you linked to, that claims to label the Trump camp as anti-Semitic. If anything, people don't like him because he's a Zionist and too much of a friend of Israel, not the other way around. To call him anti-Semitic is just odd. Jim, I'm worried for you that you are buying into this leftist propaganda.

  3. You linked to articles from NPR. Public Broadcasting is what Mr. Rogers is on. Mr. Rogers and his new "THIS" neighborhood exclusivity seems a bit suspicious. Why does he no longer endorse "THE" neighborhood like he used to? Jim, if you are going to question the alt-right I think you need to equally question Mr. Rogers. That guy is just in your face and loud and proud and doesn't even try to hide his new theme song. That is bold!

  4. I've seen some things from people like Vox Day that give me pause. They might have plausible deniability, but I get the creeps when people talk about a "predominantly white America" and the like. There is enough to share as long as the functional majority shares a belief in our Constitution.


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