Will Harry Reid override Minnesota voters?

Paul Weyrich: Uncertainty in Minnesota’s U.S. Senate Race


... if Mr. Franken can’t prevail in federal court, he may turn to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. Sen. Reid could have the U.S. Senate wade into the disputed ballots, as Democrats did in a disputed election for a House seat some years ago.

More likely, however, Sen. Reid would have the seat declared vacant, forcing candidates Sen. Coleman and Mr. Franken into another election.

Democrats naturally hope to achieve a 60-40 filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate, so it would not be surprising to see them concentrate their resources in Minnesota and deliver the state for Mr. Franken.

As the former Director of the Senate Republican Conference said to me the other day, “Nothing could demean the Senate as an institution more than to have Franken as a member.” Perhaps, but that will be up to the citizens of Minnesota to decide.

Comment: One of Paul Weyrich's last columns - he died Thursday: Architect of Religious Right Dies. Latest looks like Franken will win: Franken pushes his lead over Coleman past 250

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  1. Now why is it that Franken has such a lead over Coleman among those too dumb to fill out a ballot properly? Hmmmmm......

    Either idiots tend to vote for Franken (perfectly tenable hypothesis), or there is a fix in.


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