After Lifeline, Big 3 Are Still in Deep


... the auto companies’ challenges came down to four C’s: cash, cost reduction, cars and culture.

The cash and cost reduction will come through the federal aid and the revamping plans they submitted in return for the help. “But they quite obviously need to get a different management culture ...


Detroit still depends heavily on pickups, and S.U.V.’s, as well as crossover vehicles, which are sport utilities built on car underpinnings.

Through November, light trucks made up 58 percent of G.M.’s sales; they account for 63.5 percent of Ford’s sales and 72.2 percent for Chrysler.

In fact, Toyota has sold more Camry models alone this year than Chrysler has sold of all its cars, according to Motorintelligence.com, a firm that follows industry statistics.


Comment: It's like they are primarily TRUCK companies! I doubt Chrysler will make it - my Dad is "rolling in his grave"! Chrysler's best option is merger with someone - Nissan? GM? But perhaps no one wants them.

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