David Copperfield: Messing with your mind

Comment: Send to me by my Sister-in-Law. Sorry that the images are kind of small. Click on an image to enlarge. Bet you can figure out how this is done. Leave a comment


  1. Funny. The first time I picked the Jack of clubs - but I just picked the "black Jack," because the images were too small to see which it was clearly. So it worked! There was no "black" jack at the last image.

    But then trying it more times using the same method of picking the cards (red King, Black Queen, etc) didn't work because, well, it's kinda obvious why that didn't work.

  2. This came to me via my B-i-L (in Florida) to m S-i-L in Cincinnati to me.

    Last night B-i-L back in Minnesota and we had dinner with them.

    They didn't get it.

    Answer is: 1st image has 6 cards

    2nd image has 5 cards

    You are asked to concentration on one card in the first image ... look into Copperfields eyes ... concentrate ... etc.

    Then in second image your card (that you selected) is not there.

    And it always works. The card you select in the first image is never in the second card image because ....

    NONE of the cards in the first card image are in the second card image.

    I sent it on to my daughter who is a brainy auditor at 3M. She didn't get it either until I explained it.

  3. When you sent me the email I didn't get it either. I think it is much easier to figure out when all the slides are laid out next to each other, as they are here. Then it is obvious, of course your card is gone, because none of the cards are the same!


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