The Lizard People ballot

'Lizard People' Ballot Ruled An Overvote


The infamous "Lizard People" ballot from Bemidji, Minn. was declared an overvote. The Norm Coleman campaign's challenge on the ballot was allowed, though not before some discussion among the board.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's original motion was to reject the challenge and allow the vote for Al Franken, whose circle was filled above the write-in vote for "Lizard People."

But in deliberation, it was brought up that there is no way to determine that there is not a legitimate person named "Lizard People" and, thus, the ballot would have to be considered as carrying two votes for the U.S. Senate race.

Comment: Full PDF of the 'Lizard People' ballot available here. Fascinating to follow this! MRP coverage with full PDF's of ballots: here

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  1. Would they not have had to fill in the circle for it to actually count as a vote?


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