Ready to use CFMAIL

5:30 and still at work ... probably for another 45 min.

I honed my CFMAIL example and have a message ready to go out to a mailing distribution that their XMLSpy license will expire. I'm gonna have a lot of folk mad at me!

While I spent about 2 hours honing the process - and password protecting it - this is a process I can easily reuse.

  1. I will pull a report of all users of XMLSpy
  2. Export to Excel (only export option)
  3. Sort on OU ... delete the rows with users in business groups that have the license - because I do not want to send an email to them
  4. Import into Access for some final manipulation: delete rows with blank email address (just a handful) and SQL DISTINCT to eliminate duplicates (some folk have multiple pc's with the product ... but I only want to send one email
  5. Using Enterprise Manager I will migrate from my local PC to the remote SQL Server
  6. I built a *.CFM member called "maillist.cfm" ... I used an CFINCLUDE statement to separate the CFMAIL section (that is unique to this message). The message is in an include file.
  7. Set it up to that you select the link once ... and then it presents a page saying that the mail has been sent ... then exits (to avoid multiple emails).
  8. Coworker has built packages to install new XMLSpy on all machines - the business units that have the license will get one version ... the others (to whom I am sending the email) will get a package that installs XMLSpy but this version requires a license on first use or it will not function.
  9. Tomorrow will review the plan ... prepare the file ... and I think send the email out!
  10. I expect a lot of response (not positive)

Psalm 119:1,2 "Blessed are the undefiled in the way, Who walk in the law of the LORD! Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, Who seek Him with the whole heart!"

Lord help me to be this man!

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