Lit off CFMAIL today

Tom, Lisa and I met at 8:30 to finalize the message. Lisa and I met at 10 to gather the email distribution list programmatically. I had the list finalized and in SQL Server by 11:00

I used Ben Forta's Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit as a reference and was able to use the cfmailparam tag to set the email priority to high:


I bcc'd my own email address.

Lit it off at about 11:00 a.m. ... almost instantly I had 147 new emails in my inbox.

Then the squealing began:

  1. Some emailed me to say they had removed XMLSpy
  2. Others called or emailed me about acquiring a license (even though the email was crystal clear about how to acquire ... and it is not through me!
  3. One guy emailed me three times to complain
  4. Another group bought 10 licenses ... cost of approx. $ 5000. They felt they needed to tell me

I think I will use this little tool again and again. After my little project I cleared the table out (delete from maillist) so that I cannot inadvertantly email this list again

Lunch with two Christian friends. Discussion was creation. I am the only one who holds to 6 day literal creation.

Dinner with brother-in-law and sister-in-law at the Macaroni Grill on the way home from work

Scripture reading: Zechariah 5-6

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