ColdFusionMX 7 local SQL Server connection

Here's a great tip that worked for me:

Terry Reiber said on Nov 7, 2003 at 5:17 PM :
Your best bet is to try this procedure against the NORTHWINDS database that comes with the MS SQL 2000 installation. Here's how I did it with the MS SQL 2000 Developer Edition software:

Here is some instructions:
1) In ColdFusion Administrator, use NORTHWIND as the data source.
2) Use NORTHWIND as the database.
3) Use as the Server
4) Use 1433 as the port number

Okay, now here's the TRICKY part. Supplying the USERNAME and PASSWORD.
5) In SQL Server Enterprise manager, expand the server group.
6) Then expand the Server
7) Under the Security folder, right click on Logins.
8) Select New Login
9) Click on SQL Server Authentication button and specify NAME (make up anything you want and specify PASSWORD. This name and password will become your USERNAME and PASSWORD in Coldfusion Administrator when you try to set up your Data Source.
10) While in the SQL Server Login Properties box, also specify the database, this will be NORTHWIND and specify language ENGLISH.
11) Make sure your server is using mixed authentication. While in Enterprise
Manager, right click on the server, select Properties, then Security and select Security tab. Make sure SQL and Windows radio button is clicked.
12) Okay, with the above information, you should be able to get an OKAY button when you register the Datasource Name.

You can thank me, or if you have questions, my email is terry@softreq.com.
(I pulled my hair out for two days to get this solution).

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