New production server WFDC

Wells Fargo Desktop Connection:

I got this up and running today. My local pc is the development box with Enterprise Manager, SQL Server 2000, and ColdFusion MX 7. So by typing http://localhost:8500 in my browser .. I have my site up locally.

Via the deployment system I can move all the code, images, style, scripts up to production.

With Enterprise Manager I can export the local SQL Server table(s) to the remote production server.

(This is a huge improvement over the former setup where the Cold Fusion versions did not match and I had Access locally but SQL remotely!)

Interestingly: In the migration of a local table to production - the key is dropped and has to be reset remotely via Enterprise Manager. Also the permissions have to be set remotely (this was not a surprise to me but the key issue was!)

Today ordered two CF 7 books to be delivered. My version 6 book is way out of date.

Received my Bluetooth wireless headset today. EZ setup.

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