Health Update: Good Report

I had a CAT scan and saw the urologist today and here's the update - it's good if you want to skip the details:

  • I'm now 19 months post surgery and exactly 1 year since "the news". 
  • The pathology report on the cells from the removed prostate indicated that the cell type is aggressive and that the cancer had escaped the organ
  • Today's scan did not show any tumors but the blood work still indicates cancer at the bio-chemical level
  • The routine has been: imaging, blood work and appointments and scans
  • The PSA has doubled since last October. It reports at .4 (should be zero with no prostate). The cancer cells are producing the PSA at this point. A helpful article on this is here.
  • I have a radiation consultation on October 11th. I think we will go with the radiation to try to kill cancer cells near the bladder - Urethra site. This approach has side effects but may extend my life

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. For all blog posts on my cancer journey click here.

More on radiation option


  1. We are prayerfully "sorry" but optimistic you have caught this early enough you will have quality of life in your retired years. You are strong physically and spiritually medical science is on your side. Love you. Be well.

  2. Ouch. Praying for you and the couple at 4th who just lost their son.

  3. Praying for you, my friend! May God show himself strong!

  4. Thought this was weird: Yesterday the Dr said (in response to my question) that I had at least 5 years to live ... today I bought an LED bulb with a 5 year warranty


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