My IPhone SE upgrade

I upgraded my 45 month old 16 Gig 5S to a 32 Gig SE today. I bought the IPhone SE at Best Buy. I bought the pre-paid phone and then added it to my plan at the AT&T store. Then I sold the old 5S on Ebay for $ 85.00. I had the UPS store package and mail it for me. I replaced my 45 month old Otterbox case as well.

Update on 9/7:


  1. JP, do you think it's a matter of white privilege that you were able to get a new iPhone? Have you considered returning it because of this?

  2. JP, I appreciate your kindness and your having an anti-racist attitude. That is just common sense and what any true Christian should be like. It's like against beating your wife; it shouldn't even be up to debate or question.

    But don't you think that the sharp site is really going overboard and falling into the trap? The whole Charleston thing was a CIA/George Soros-sponsored paid for event. Don't you think that the sharp site looks pretty gullible and naive by buying into the whole thing and thinking that this is some sort of natural event and not purposeful social engineering?

  3. (JP, as always, please don't think I'm being unkind or rude to you or anyone at that sharp site. That is not my intent! I just happen to graciously disagree, that's all.)

  4. JP, it would be pretty cool, since you're not going to give the phone back, to at least buy another phone of the same brand and model and donate it to your local chapter of Black Lives Matter. This would be a win/win for all parties.

  5. JP, don't forget Antifa as well. You may be able to write off the two donations on your taxes to the two organizations, even though they are both branches of the CIA. But technically and for accounting purposes, they are two different organizations.

    I am literally laughing out loud. Over at that sharp site they are tripping all over themselves again trying to figure out which person can have the most guilt and feel the dirtiest for being born white. It's sad and funny at the same time that they have bought into the George Soros/CIA social engineering propaganda. Of course, no one in his or right right mind condones racism of any sort, but you guys are falling for the trap, hook, line and sinker.

  6. The Fine Line Between IPhone Success or Failure:

    ... the vast majority of new iPhones -- about 81 percent of the global total this year, according to Bernstein stock analyst Toni Sacconaghi -- are sold to people who already own one. Making some assumptions about the percentage of iPhone users who might buy the new arrivals, iPhone sales could increase by as little as 11 percent to as much as 45 percent in the Apple fiscal year that ends next September, according to a Bloomberg Gadfly analysis.

    Sacconaghi estimates there will be roughly 773 million iPhones owned in the world by the end of Apple's current fiscal year, which ends this month. If 25.5 percent of those owners buy a new iPhone in the next year, Apple could sell about 239.5 million phones in fiscal 2018. That figure is based on current reality; BTIG Research estimates 25.5 percent of customers for the nationwide U.S. mobile companies will buy a new phone model this year.


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